The Genuine Article - The Basics for a High-Quality Wardrobe


The basic uniform of the business world is the suit. From the later part of the 19th century till the end of the Second World War, the suit de rigueur was the blue serge suit. Still elegant today, especially in the evenings in midnight blue for formal occasions that do not require black tie. This once uniform of the day was replaced by the gray flannel suit. Some may remember the the 1956 film The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, staring Gregory Peck.

The gray flannel suit never looks to sharp, never loud or pushy. Whether in mid to dark gray, single or double breasted you will exude an air of sophistication and old money. Through the years many of the finest fabric mills have lightened the weight of not just flannel cloths, but also worsteds, wool and silk blends, etc.

As we return to work, post COVID-19, what better time to enhance our wardrobes with the addition of a couple of high quality hand tailored suits. When it comes to tailored clothing, it should be about quality and not quantity. The suit though has become more than just work attire with a necktie. Gentlemen are rediscovering that a suit, when paired with an open collared shirt or a cashmere turtleneck, transcends to more. It becomes a part of their afterwork social lives as an extension of casualwear.

In part three of our series The Genuine Article - The Basics for a High-Quality Wardrobe we will discuss Neckwear.

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