The Genuine Article - The Basics for a High-Quality Wardrobe

Updated: Apr 22

Gentlemen are rediscovering the days of old when one would sit with his tailor to discuss the coming season's wardrobe, possibly over a quiet drink. At a time when we live in a throw away society, gentlemen, and ladies, are turning to bespoke tailors and couture designers for direction in building a sustainable wardrobe that reflects ones lifestyle and taste.

Such gentlemen are discovering that while bespoke or couture clothing does not come cheap, that it proves to be a bargain. In a previous article we discussed the 5 Benefits of our Couture Service. Just to highlight: personal style, better fit, quality materials, less time & effort waisted., but really there was and is a sixth benefit: THE CLOTHING LAST LONGER.

So what are the basics for a high-quality wardrobe? Over the next nine weeks, we will examine nine areas that go into building a high-quality wardrobe. Next week we will look at The Suit, and how it still is an integral part of the wardrobe.

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