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At C. Scott & Company, we have partnered with the finest mills and tailors in the world to produce just 500 hand-tailored couture garments each year. Each partner shares that same vision, to assist in creating a garment that reflects your lifestyle and personal taste. Bringing decades of enjoyment. 


Scabal started in Brussels, Belgium in 1938 and ever since, it lives up to its credo: "We never cut costs when its comes to materials. Only the noblest materials provide the results and comfort worthy of the Scabal name."

Scabal has sold only the finest of fabrics made from the best raw materials available. Launching up to fifteen new collections each year, assembling all the latest fabris alongside the permanent collections and special editions, Scabal is constantly at the forfront of design and innovation. Thanks to this practice, you have the possibility to choose from over 5,000 top Scabal fabrics made by only highly-skilled craftsmen.


Hold Harrisons cloth in your hand and you can almost feel it pulse. This luxury British cloth came roaring into life nearly two centuries ago and it’s been evolving ever since. New colours and designs are constantly emerging alongside classic favourites. This makes it the cloth of choice for fashion devotees across the world.

Harrisons cloth began as one of the many passions of George Harrison, a man who lived life with panache. He started his career as a tailor’s apprentice in the early 1800s. He rose to become a cloth merchant, hat-maker, fashion icon, Lord Provost of Edinburgh and president of Scotland’s oldest chess club. He even squeezed in being an MP for five days before he died.

His legacy lives on, not only in Edinburgh’s Harrison Arch – but in stunning suits around the world. George’s spirit of progress and optimism is woven into every bunch of Harrisons luxurious cloth. Robust and versatile, the cloth makes a stylish statement in any setting. As the boundaries blend between work and leisure, suits of Harrisons cloth can be tailored to fit your work and play, travel and rest.

When fashion and culture change, so will our bunches. But the one thing we’ll never alter is our commitment to the finest quality. After all, it’s kept this cloth alive and kicking for more than 150 years.

With its British inspiration flaunting an eccentric and refined touch, Thomas Mason has always represented a stylistic revolution and timeless elegance.

Lancashire, 1796: the core of the English Industrial Revolution. This is the historical background of a brand that since then has continued to weave new stories of elegance and style, becoming the reference point in the world of men’s tailoring. The Thomas Mason collection boasts the use of double twisted fabrics made with the finest extra-long staple yarns in the world, capable of reinterpreting and revolutionising the stylistic canons of every era, without losing that eccentric touch and the British taste that never seems to go out of fashion. Thomas Mason flaunts a timeless elegance, in which the meticulous attention to quality and details is flanked by continuous research and experimentation. Creativity and innovation have in fact given life to an immense historical archive of inestimable value, in which bright colours accompany refined and sometimes eccentric designs and patterns. The strictly British imprinting of these historic fabrics is now reinterpreted on trendy and innovative bases, generating new rules of elegance and style for the contemporary gentlemen.

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