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Brutus 3.jpg
Always ready to weelcom new clients or old friends

Our New Apprentice

We are excited to welcome a new apprentice to the shop, Brutus.


Brutus is a rescue dog from Memphis, TN. He was found and treated for several health issues. Efforts to reunite with his owner(s) were to no avail. Brutus recently has moved and now make the Columbia, SC area his home. Among his many interest and talents is being a companion and emotional support dog for a member of our family.  


In the short time that he has been with us, he has developed a kean eye for clothing style, balance, and proportion. Always ready to greet a stranger with a wag of the tail and attention, he has begun to bring many of our neighbors much joy. 

We invite you to drop in and get aquainted, our schedule a private fitting. Brutus is available several days a week to make new friends.

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