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Beginning with a conversation, Christopher will sit down  to get to know you and what you're looking for. He will walk you through the cloth selection process, offer suggestions of based on the conversation. Then Christopher will take initial measurements and discuss the design of the custom garment with you, before your personal pattern is drawn on heavy paper and  is cut in our cutting room. 

Our couture clothing caters for every individual. Christopher designs beautiful, practical and flattering custom garments appropriate for every occasion. Attention is given to the balance of lapel width and button position that further enhance the elegance  of each coat. All of our couture clothing is hand tailored and available in our full process (basted fitting to completion) or available in our advance process (the garment is completed to the finish-bar-finish stage for final fitting) before being completed.

Whether it's an overcoat, two or three piece suit, trousers, or sport coat, devotion goes into all our garments to ensure they convey personality, timeless style and classic tailoring bringing  years of enjoyment.




Sixteen artisans in our workroom work exclusively on these shirts, one at a time, to ensure the details are a work of art. We construct our hand-tailored shirts from an exclusive collection of fabrics requiring the attention and care that only hand-sewing can provide.

Each shirt's construction requires a 22 stitch count throughout with: single needle hand sewn sleeve settings; a true split, deepened two-piece yoke; hand crafted button holes to accommodate 3 millimeter shell buttons; each collar handset and sewn for an unmistakable feel; high-count Swiss linings for the collars and cuffs; and hand sewn gussets, a hallmark of a well-made shirt.





Our extensive collection of neckwear fabrics, sourced from the finest weavers in the world, are available custom. Our custom neckwear is all multifold construction, shaped and balanced to the individual. 



Suits starting at $2285

Tailoring takes 10-16 weeks on average

(depending on fitting process)



Shirts starting at $420

Tailoring takes 8-10 weeks on average

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Neckwear starting at $255

Bowties starting at $125

Tailoring takes 6-8 weeks on average

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