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C. Scott & Company


It was once said, "To be truly elegant, one should not be noticed." For the truly elegantly dressed man that statement remains true today. However, that does not mean that he should give up his individuality. 

Our History


In 1990 Christopher began a journey that would take him from coast to coast, from retail to bespoke, bespoke to manufacturing, back to bespoke clothing. Along the way a passion drove him, to help discerning gentlemen to dress their best. Whether helping them from selecting clothing off the peg or designing clothing that was unique to their sartorial style. At the urging of friends, family, and several clients, Christopher founded C. Scott & Company. 

C. Scott & Company for several years  provided an individualized custom design service to an elite clientele. Our goal was to create wearable works of art, while at the same time being practical for everyday. Taking into account several factors: work; lifestyle; travel; balance and proportion; we would then begin the design process.​​ C. Scott & Company would then collaborate with other professionals, if the client requested, to design and produce their clothing. 

At the same time C. Scott & Company provided a  wardrobe consultant  service to help clients to establish the image that they needed to present and make recommendations for how to pull that look off. We would assist them to add some personality or flair to their wardrobe with items that kept them looking good, but would help them to stand out as well. We would meet with the client, consult on their desired style outcome, and then shop with them or for them.

This year C. Scott & Company began to approach our clients needs from a new direction. We began bringing these services more in house with C. Scott & Company Custom. 

Our Expertise


Each member of our team; from our designer and fitter, our tailors, to our partner fabric mills have over 100 years combined experience to assist our customers along their sartorial journey.


Our Commitment


If one were to bring the world's best-dressed men under one roof, the majority would show up clothed in some form of custom-made-clothing. Though we live in an age of instant gratification, the most sophisticated dressers, whether past or present, continue to go to the effort and expense of custom hand tailored clothing. Much like our counterparts of times gone by, when fashion is something formulated by a designer or a store, the true style seeker has learned that genuine stylishness is an extension of oneself.  

Our designers will meet with you, consult on your style, then design clothing that brings your individuality out while remaining elegant & timeless.

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