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by C Scott & Company

A curated collection of over 500 clothes. A core of 200 - 250 clothes are available year round, with 250 - 300 clothes incorprated each season. To compliment the collection, an additional 500 shirting fabrics and a wide selection of  accessories fabrics complete any ensemble.

Suit F22
Suit F22
Five Pocket Trousers F22
Sport Coat F22

About Our 1215 Collection

What made to measure tailoring is not, is bespoke tailoring. We say this because we like to be clear and transparent about the services we offer. Rather frustratingly, the term bespoke and semi bespoke are often used unprofessionally by many retailers to embellish an often unremarkable product. Made to measure tailoring involves using a workshop to create a suit made to your measurements, figuration and style details. The garment is made in a production workshop using modern techniques, including Gerber cutting. We at C, Scott & Company have closely worked with our makers to personally specify our cutting and making process to reflect the house style of our Couture Collection.


Incredibly light and comfortable to wear thanks to our super soft canvas and construction. The term, fully canvassed tailoring, won't mean much to most of our clients. But for those in our trade, we know that a fully canvassed coat is the key to comfort, style and longevity in a garment. Many suit retailers sell garments that may look the part but inside they are often only half canvassed or even worse, fused together (glued together in simple terms). This inferior make lets the garments down, sometimes within only a year or so's regular wear. Our lapels are padded for a rich soft roll. The chest and shoulder construction is made of the finest components, specially chosen by us to give a soft natural look. This offers superb lightweight comfort to the client. 

Made to Measure
"1215 Colection"
Starting from $1295

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